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CSB-Zertifizierungskurse CSB Multiband für Einsteiger

ClearSmile Brace certification course Level 1/2: Theory and hands-on

The ClearSmile Brace certification course is a more advanced third step in the recommended IAS Academy pathway. ClearSmile Brace only uses the highest quality low-visibility brackets and wires, set up using virtual 3D technology by highly trained technicians. ClearSmile Brace teaches a precision, non-extraction approach to Anterior Alignment Orthodontics. Focus on full orthodontic assessment to aid appropriate case selection and the use of unique tools: Spacewize+TM crowding calculator and ArchwizeTM planning reports as well as free Online Mentoring and Case Support all combine to deliver predictable outcomes and satisfied patients.

Fixed 1

This module is designed for beginners in fixed appliances. To be accepted applicants must be at least 2 years qualified. To become a ClearSmile Brace provider simply complete the hands-on-training course to get started. Once you have taken the course you will be required to take a multiple-choice questionnaire to achieve certification. You are required to submit your first five cases for mentoring and assessment via the Online Mentoring and Case Support Forum to achieve Accreditation.


Enhanced control over treatment.
• Easy to understand and shorter pathway to proficiency.
• ArchwizeTM simulations to ensure expectations met and consent gained.
• No annual requirements: do as few or as many cases as you like.
• Developed by leading dentists and orthodontists.
• Lower lab costs allowing more affordable treatments.
• Quality training - both the hands-on course and ongoing online mentoring.
• Shared diagnostic protocols with other IAS products such as the Inman Aligner and ClearSmile Aligner.

Fixed shoot


Kurs-Nr. Kurstitel Ort
CSB - Certification course Bad Segeberg - Die Zahnarztpraxis am Landratspark
*inkl. MwSt.
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